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Hey, I'm Seb 👋 I'm a Product Lead and entrepreneur who helps individuals and companies grow 🚀

Sebastian Hoffmann

I created GrowthLead where I share insights and learnings about growth, product management and marketing ⚡️

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Here's a list of products that I've launched, either for myself or for clients

Launch an App Without Code

Launch an App Without Code Course

Created an online course where I encourage anyone to bring their idea to life without code. Students are able to validate their business idea quickly with real users, learn and iterate without spending a ton


Memoly Subscription App

Built Memoly, a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets users manage all their monthly contracts and subscriptions. Never lose money again on automatic renewals by getting a reminder when it is time to cancel

Show Me Your Screen

Show Me Your Screen

Created a hybrid web application that lets users browse, upload and share screenshots of their mobile home screens and learn about the latest trending apps


Hey, I am Seb 🤙🏻, an entrepreneurial guy who is passionate about building digital products and businesses that deliver great customer experiences.I combine technical skills with an entrepreneurial mindset and an eye for designDuring the day, I lead the omnichannel messaging experience with a focus on growth and long-term retention at DAZN as a Senior Product Manager, making sure that we deliver our members great experiences across the globe.At night, I am passionately building digital products. My latest project is Memoly, an app that lets you manage all your contracts and subscriptions. I built it without a single line of code and just launched on the app stores for iOS & Android.Most recently, I published a course on Udemy enabling anyone to prototype quickly and build an MVP without code.

I graduated 🎓 with a Master's degree in Information Science from the University of Amsterdam. During my studies, I tried to gain as many technical skills as possible. I interned as a software developer at companies like IBM, Porsche, and Capgemini. I got the chance to work on many different client projects and develop impactful features, e.g., for the global ordering system of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. I also had the opportunity to spend some time in China, doing a Big Data research project and learning Mandarin 🇨🇳.After graduation, I wanted a steep learning curve so I started out as a management consultant at PwC. I transformed global organizations with thousands of people to enable innovation and new revenue sources.I learned a lot about solving hard problems independently, delivering high-quality work, researching, analyzing data and stakeholder management. However, after a few years, my learning curve flattened out and I wanted to work more hands-on.I decided to do two things:1️⃣ I became a freelancer and got the chance to work on some exciting projects. For instance, I did UX research and developed a new business model for a brand new insurance service platform. I have also conceptualized a mobile app with a chatbot for an international hotel chain or validated the product-market fit for an early-stage startup.2️⃣ My team at CoinMirror and I launched a cutting-edge Blockchain-based product from scratch. We have been passionate about the idea of democratizing access to investment opportunities. Bootstrapping and getting traction has been though, I had to get creative and find ways to acquire users without a budget. We did a lot of experiments and tests and eventually got featured by ProductHunt and major media outlets on our launch.

==Based on my various experiences in different disciplines, I found Product Management to be the perfect fit for me because I can combine all those different skills ==I enjoy strategizing, getting creative, testing ideas, solving problems, focussing on user value, digging into data, influencing design and collaborating with different teams.In my spare time, I enjoy learning new skills and languages (most recently 🇳🇱), working on cool stuff that I am passionate about, music (beat production 🎧 and I just got an electric guitar  🎸) and also sports 🎾 ⚽️ 🤿 and 🏌️.